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Miradouro Vol. II

Every place and every stone tells a story. Sometimes hidden and subtle, sometimes powerful and unmistakable. "Tell me with flowers" is an ongoing project of make-up artist Antonia Rosa. Often flowers by the wayside go unnoticed, though they are mysterious and overflowing with hidden messages and can represent the inner us without words. The old city of Porto in the light of the blue hour provides the perfect backdrop for this story. In part two we are featuring stunning looks from Portuguese designers Carlos Gil and Alves Goncalves alongside Jacquemus, Balenciaga and Valentino.

Photography Thomas Probosch
Styling Andrea Probosch
Hair José Pedro Mota using L´Oréal Paris
Make-up Antonia Rosa Atelier for Tell me with flowers using Gokos  
Assisted by
Frederico Simão
Joana Lopes  • Ines Pinto de AzevedoBeatriz Pereira  • Diana Ribeiro  • Albano MirandaMariana Marques

Models Mariana and Caro at Elite LisbonRita at Best Models


Anthuriums are also known as the Heart of Hawaii, the typical heart shape reminds of love and adoration. In Greek myth they are regarded as the arrows of Cupid, the god of love and affection who can make people fall in love.

Rita wears top and trousers by JACQUEMUS available at EMERSON RENALDI


















Primrose flowers are often seen as holistic symbols of femininity, the represent youth and everlasting existence. In the Victorian language of flowers primroses are associated with youth and young love, as a gift between lovers the meaning is “I can’t live without you”.




Caro wears BALENCIAGA dress available at EMERSON RENALDI; high heels by LUIS BUCHINHO




Obake Anthurium flowers usually have multiple colours and a large wavy surface. In Japanese, the word obake means “a thing that changes” and it can also be translated as “ghost”. Both applies to the Obake Anthurium due to the varigating colors within the flower.


Rita wears CAZAL sunglases available at RÄDER & RÄDER


















The sweet-scented violet flower symbolize loyalty, truth and modesty. According to Greek mythology, violets were created when one of Artemis’ nymphs, who had all sworn to stay maidens, was being pursued by her twin brother, Apollo. To protect her nymph, Artemis transformed her into a violet, which in turn led the violet to become a symbol of modesty.

Mariana wears VALENTINO top and bottom available at EMERSON RENALDI; GUCCI sunglasses available at RÄDER & RÄDER




















Anthuriums are known for their brightly colored flowers, which aren’t really flowers but are modified waxy leaves. The bright pink Anthurium lives up to its nickname, the flamingo flower. 



The color yellow is invigorating – it stimulates our nerves, glands, and brain, making us more alert and energized. It’s a color that triggers activity and interaction.

Rita wears suit by GARLO GIL; FENDI top available at EMERSON RENALDI



















The color of frivolity lives between red and white. Pink takes all the passion and energy of red and tempers it with the purity of white, leaving us with the color of tenderness and affection. – Kate Smith, color expert

Caro wears suit by CARLOS GIL



















Because of their distinctive shape and color Anthurium is also known as Painter’s Palette. It represents health, happiness, abundance and beauty.

Mariana wears suit by ALVES GONCALVES




















With special thanks to
ShowpressMarta & Luis Luis BuchinhoElite LisbonBest ModelsGokosEmerson Renaldiräder & räder




ALVES GONCALVES www.alvesgoncalves.pt

CARLOS GIL www.carlos-gil.com

Available at EMERSON RENALDI www.emerson-renaldi.com

All sunglasses available at RÄDER & RÄDER www.raederundraeder.de

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